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Hair Transplantion

The permanent solution to hair loss.
with your own natural,growing hair
and experience you need to move forward.


IVF Treatments

Provide the best Infertility Treatments
with the most successful experts
to make your dream come true


Eye Surgery

It is always best to begin
with a powerful eye care



We invite you
back to the future!



Urology Specialties
for Men and
for Woman



sport and exercise programs
special to person


Thermal Water

Spa Thermal Water
Our Spa center satisfies the
personal care and rest...


Hair development begins in the intra-uterine life and continues throughout the life span of the person. Although hairs are thin and light colored in the uterine life, they start thickening and darkening after birth. There are about 100 thousand hair follicles in the scalp of an infant.

Gaining too much weight is not only a serious threat to your health, it can also limit your physical abilities and make you susceptible to serious illnesses. If you still have not made the transition to a healthy diet, it is time to consider changing your eating habits.

Radiation Oncology Units of Health Group provides healthcare services at international standards, through its latest technology used and the experienced physicians, specialists in radio physics, nurses, and other employees.

Infertility is manifested by absence of conception in obstetric history or inability to conceive despite successful previous conception. Almost 25% of all women will face infertility at any time of their lives.

Aesthetic surgery is regarded as a subdivision of plastic surgery. Aesthetic surgery deals with correction of inappropriateness of components making the whole body or a part of the body

Surgical management of a short penis is limited to liposuction and transposition of scrotal skin in men with abnormal position of the penis.

Spa center satisfies the personal care and rest needs of our guests by its crackerjack team and technological units.

Private dentistry costs can prove to be prohibitively expensive, which means that many patients are considering having their dental treatment abroad. If you choose to use a dentist abroad, you’ll find that significant savings can be made.

Hacamat is a general treatment used in preventive medicine and to treat diseases. The word “hacamat” originally comes from the Arabic word “hacm,” which means to absorb – in other words, blood letting. A person who practices this profession is called a “haccâm,” and the equipment used during the treatment is called “mihcem.”

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